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Wednesday, July 08, 2020
National Pet Hydration Month 2020
Pet hydrationJuly is national pet hydration month! Proper hydration is just as important for humans as it is for pets. Did you know water makes up roughly 60 percent of an adult human body and roughly 80 percent of an animal's body? Proper hydration is critical for both humans and pets to avoid serious health concerns.

In fact, pets need approximately one ounce of water for each pound of body weight. Which means a 10-pound cat would need to drink 10 ounces of water every day and a 70-pound Chocolate Labrador would need 70 ounces.

To help you provide for your furry friends with enough water, we have collected a few tips.
  1. Make sure your pet always has access to water: Your pet should always have access to water to drink. If you leave for any period of time, leave enough water so that your pet will not run out before you get back. This is especially important on hot summer days. 
  2. Change your pet’s water frequently and wash the water bowl: Fresh water is important to keep your pet hydrated and healthy. Wash the water container every several days (more if needed) because bacteria can grow quickly in the container due to moisture.
  3. Wet the pet food: Dry pet foods do not provide a source of hydration for your pet. You can add water to pet food and re-hydrate the food, or you can buy canned wet food for your pet.
  4. Provide a place to cool off: Pets heat up quickly in the sun, especially those with dark coats. When your pet is outside, even if it’s only for a short walk, make sure there is access to a nice shady spot to cool off. 
For more tips on how to keep your pet hydrated, click here. Let’s work together to keep our furry friends hydrated!

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