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Wednesday, February 06, 2019
What is Your Water Worth 2019


Having Access to Clean Drinking Water
The water cycle and the life cycle are one. Water is easy to forget living in the United States where it is readily available.  In the United States, the water is merely there. When you take a shower, wash dishes, or fill a glass- the water is available. With this convenience, we forget about how the water got there and use it. However, should a situation like a natural disaster impact the availability of drinking water, the previous convenience becomes well known. The availability of drinking water becomes a problem. For engineers, city managers, and farmers, water is a constant problem that needs solving; for others not so much.
drinking water glass

The Value of Water

To put the value of clean drinking water into perspective, a single bottle of water cost $1.78 on average. For the same price, you could also get 8,354 12-ounce glasses of water right from your tap. Should tap water ever be priced as equally as bottled the water the increase in cost for such a necessary resource would be significant.

Once factoring in the amount of water used in transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing the value of water becomes comparable. For transportation it takes almost 13 gallons of water to make a single gallon of gasoline, one slice of bread requires 11 gallons, and one ton of steel requires 62,600 gallons of water.


The costs of gasoline, bread, and steel are matchless when compared to the benefits of water. Water is the fuel behind economic development, public health, fire protection, and quality of life.

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