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Monday, March 11, 2019
WaterSense 2019
Untitled DocumentColumbus Water Works is a proud WaterSense Partner. As a WaterSense Partner, we participate in national events such as Fix-a-Leak week, which takes place during the third week of March every year.trans logo

What is WaterSense?

WaterSense is a voluntary partnership that is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Water Sense Program includes a label that identifies water-efficient products. These labels can also be used as a resource to help save and conserve water. WaterSense works with manufacturers, retailers, distributors, homebuilders, irrigation professionals, and utilities. As of 2018, WaterSense has more than 1,738 organizational partners.

WaterSense Labeled Products

WaterSense has products available that promote smarter water and energy use. These products are backed by an independent, third-party certification and meet EPA specifications for water efficiency and performance. You can find WaterSense labels on toilets, shower heads, faucets, and sprinklers. WaterSense can make a difference in the amount of water used. Per the WaterSense website, since 2016 the program has saved 2.1 trillion gallons of water in the United States. In addition to saving water, WaterSense products helped users save 284 billion kilowatts of electricity in 2016.


Test Your WaterSense

The EPA has a test your WaterSense game. You can play it here.
More information about the Water Sense program and how you can participate is available here.

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