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Thursday, September 19, 2013
Affects of Flushable Wipes
How do “Flushable” wipes affect your sewer system?Disposable Wipes

A recent article from The Washington Post (run by the Ledger Enquirer on September 8, 2013) has inspired a lot of talk about personal wipes’ harmful effects to the sewer systems and ultimately your wallets.  This article announced that Washington area utilities are having problems with disposable wipes.  They are clogging sewer pipes and pumps requiring a lot of time consuming removal of wipes and costly repairs.  This is a problem that is also affecting Columbus, Georgia. 

Wipes Clog
Like other utilities, Columbus Water Works (CWW) has installed grinder units at several locations in Columbus to grind up the un-dissolved wipes to help with this problem, but the truth is that these grinder units are not completely solving the problem.  CWW spends on average 846 man hours cleaning out the clogged pumps and lines every year.  In addition to the man-hours needed, these clogs can lead to damages and costly repairs.  The additional repairs and cleanings directly impact the costs of operating your utility.

(Above photo is of a CWW grinder pump clogged by wipes.)

What can you do to help?

Be careful what you flush!  If you are unsure if an item can is flushable, just remember that human waste and toilet tissue are the only items to be flushed.

For more information on flushable materials:

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